Our Why

Welcome to the first sensory space in the Wichita Falls, Area. The experience at Discover Sensory is second to none. 

We launched our new Sensory Room to be a quiet space for anyone with neurological or developmental disabilities such as sensory processing disorders or autism spectrum disorders.


Discover Sensory is a calming environment for those who may feel overwhelmed and overstimulated frequently. We have equipment that is specifically designed to aid sensory development from infants to adults. We house bubble tubes, a ball pit, fiber optic lights, soft rock shaped pillows, and a suspended swing! All of the equipment listed is made to relieve sensory disruptions that others may not experience in life. 

Senses like...

  • Visual.

  • Auditory.

  • Gustatory (taste) System.

  • Vestibular (sense of head movement in space) System.

  • Proprioceptive (sensations from muscles and joints of body) System.

are all so important to the daily function of our bodies, unfortunately these senses don't always develop properly for everyone, but this is where discover sensory comes in! 

We handcrafted this experience to calm, aid, and regulate the senses in our bodies.

Discover Sensory is open to all!